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Dear Customers and business partners,
we are all taking the recommendations of the government seriously. The health of customers and employees has to be prioritized. Caused by that you will surely understand that we are currently not making appointments with customers or business partners.

Inspections are done in small groups and we are taking safety measures to keep the risk at a minimum. For issues of importance please exclusively use our phone hotline or contact us through Mail. Furthermore we are asking you to postpone anything irrelevant to a later point in time.
We hope for your understanding and are sure, that together we can master the challenges given to us.

With Kind regards and best health wishes Your SorgerTec Property Management AG

Miethaus – Verwaltung

Unser geschultes Personal verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung bei der Betreuung von Alt- und Neubauten, Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaften, gefördertem Wohnungsbau, Reorganisationsverwaltungen, Gewerbeimmobilien, Sonderflächen und Stellplätzen.
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Wohneigentum – Verwaltung

Sie besitzen eine Eigentumswohnung oder ein Haus und möchten die Verwaltung in zuverlässige Hände geben?
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Sondereigentum – Verwaltung

Die beste Form der Altersvorsorge ist Sondereigentum als Kapitalanlage. Das Ihre Immobilie diesen Zweck auch erfüllt, dafür sorgen wir.


Gewerbe – Immobilien

Wie betreuen Gewerbeobjekte mit einem spezialisierten Team. Denn diese Immobilienklasse stellt an das Management besondere Anforderungen, denen wir uns mit einem hohen Qualitätsanspruch stellen


Vermietung & Verkauf

Der Kauf oder Verkauf einer Immobilie wirkt sich, gerade wegen der oft damit verbundenen hohen Werte, erheblich auf Ihr Leben aus. Genau deshalb ist es sehr wichtig, hier auf eine gute Beratung zu vertrauen, um dann die richtige Entscheidung treffen zu können.
Vermietung & Verkauf


Rental property – management

Our trained staff have many years of experience in managing old and new buildings, subsidised housing, reorganisation administrations, commercial real estate, special areas and parking spaces.
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Ihr Mietshaus

Residential property – management

You own a residential property and would like to entrust the management to reliable hands?
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Home Ownership

Private property – management

The best form of old-age provision is to invest in private property. We ensure that your property also fulfils this purpose.
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Private Property

Commercial – real estate

We maintain commercial properties with a specialised team, because this class of real estate places special demands on the management, with which we set ourselves a high-quality standard.
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Rentals & Sales

The acquisition or sale of real estate can greatly affect your daily life, especially because of the often-considerable value associated with it. It is for precisely this reason that good and trusted advice is necessary to reach the right decision.
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Rental & sales

SorgerTec Hausverwaltung
Responsibility for values

Since 1913, the family-owned business has provided expert commercial and technical expertise in the management and administration of apartment buildings, homeowners’ associations and commercial real estate, as well as purchase, sales and rental in the area of Berlin/Brandenburg.