Tradition and development

Always one step ahead

SorgerTec's roots go back a long way. The company grew out of a merger of the old and renowned company Sorger, Buth and Koschig oHG, founded in 1913 and Tectum Verwaltung von Grundbesitz oHG, founded in 1934. The company is privately owned by two Berlin families.
During the numerous decades of the company's existence, it was certainly not sufficient to just meet the requirements of the time. Rather, we always had to be one step ahead of the competition. This continues to be our strategy to date.
Our range of services for the specialised management and administration of real property covers the whole spectrum of estate management and the housing industry.

Our services are geared primarily towards individual clients, who are looking for a company to manage their family property, but also towards owners of considerable housing stock and commercial real estate. We design a tailor-made solution for each real property.

The ideal size

Precisely to the point and in partnership

What size should a property management service be so that it can best meet all needs? Everyone who has looked for the right partner for the management of his real property knows it: there are companies which are too small to optimally cover all the administrative tasks involved. However, there are also companies which are too big to keep an eye on all details.
To strike the right balance between the numerous benefits of medium-sized companies, like ourselves, and the flexibility of smaller competitors we have organised ourselves around small, competent, and specialised teams. We are therefore flexible and can quickly respond to your requests. Working closely with our clients, we provide precise sector expertise which reaches far beyond that of common property management services.
At the same time, all of our clients benefit from the favourable purchase prices and conditions we negotiate: those who can reduce their utility costs on a long-term basis can secure a competitive advantage which should not be underestimated.
We always keep our most important goal in mind: the satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this through the quality of our service, know-how, professionalism and flexibility. And we understand how much our customers value a stable and continuous cooperation.
And we stick to that.

Customised offers

Reliable and trustworthy partners for our client and tenants

Ownership of real estate and the management thereof have become more and more complicated. There have never been so many laws, ordinances, regulations and rules as today and never have such high demands been placed on real estate agents. Never have owners had to rely more on the assistance of these experts than today.
Our response to these framework conditions is an organisational structure which meets the requirements of our clients and tenants. Our approach is clear-cut and straightforward. The measures we take can be easily understood.
We offer our clients reliable full-service packages, whereby they are only involved if they wish to do so or if there is leeway for involvement.
Whatever we do for our clients, we ensure you the best possible quality. We ensure that our work is of high quality - through diligence, accuracy in all details, well qualified personnel, continuity of staff and through regular training of our team.
We are continually updating our expertise and adapting our services to the latest standards. This is the only way to offer optimal property management services and be successful - now and in the future. However, we aspire to go even further: with our proactive and innovative approach, we can already meet tomorrow's challenges today.

Not just a job but a vocationPassionate and dedicated work

It is important to us that our clients not only know us by phone. Therefore, we will assign an individual agent to your property, who will also be on site to assist you with his experience and expertise. He has been trained to always focus on the benefits to our clients.

We use sophisticated software especially adapted to our high-quality requirements, i.e. the representation of efficient business processes in property management. The interlocking of our IT solutions with electronic banking solutions for universal banking enables us to attain a maximum degree of controlling in payment transactions and accounting. On request, we can also transfer accounting data to DATEV. Both our clients and we benefit from the resulting quality of data and the services associated with it - such as prompt and effective dunning.