The beginnings

Erich Sorger, born on 19 June 1874 in Graudenz, moved to Berlin with his family in 1892. Having worked in different jobs, among them crafting bell jars and picture frames for emperor Friedrich, countesses Brockdorf and Brühl, he joined I. Schmidt & Söhne Immobilien in 1903. After only a short period, he became their chief executive and head of the real estate and mortgage department. Following his marriage in 1906 and the birth of his first child in 1907 he founded the company Sorger, Buth & Koschig Haus- und Vermögensverwaltung OHG in 1913 together with Mr Buth and Mr Koschig.

Ihr Mietshaus
The war years

With the beginning of the First World War, Mr Sorger and Mr Buth were drafted and moved to the Russian front. During the war, Mr Koschig and his wife were in charge of the company.

Development and growth

In 1918, Mr Sorger and Mr Buth returned to Berlin and continued the firm. Mr Koschig retired for health reasons.
During the inflation of 1924, business began to pick up which furthered the company's progress.
Mr Buth resigned from the company after the Second World War for reasons of age, meaning that from 1945 on, Mr Sorger would have been the sole owner. His wife, Elise Sorger, joined the company so as to keep up the character of a general partnership structure.
Erich Sorger died in 1956. His daughter Gisela Otto joined the company and continued the firm together with Elise Sorger. Following the death of Elise Sorger in 1960, Giesela Otto's husband Helmut became a new shareholder. Up to today, four decades later, the Otto family continue to have their real property managed by SorgerTec AG.
Starting in 1978, the company's shares were slowly transferred to Gerd Fiedler, who continued the general partnership structure together with Friedhelm Smolarek. During those years, the company consolidated its flawless reputation.

Handover to
the next generation
of shareholders

In 1992, the then active shareholders resigned for reasons of age and health and transferred their shares, in form of generational succession, to the sole shareholders and management board of the company, Karsten Brumm, MBA, and Daniel Rott, MBA. Up to today, both continue to be very involved in the company.
In 1992 the company had eight employees and administered approximately 3,000 apartments, retail units and parking spaces. The company continued to grow and prosper. In 1994, it took over Tectum Verwaltung, a company which had been successful on the Berlin market for decades, from Grundbesitz OHG.

Registration of
SorgerTec Hausverwaltung AG

On 8 November 1999, ten years after the fall of the Berlin wall, a new company, SorgerTec Aktiengesellschaft, emerged from the consolidation of the two firms.

SorgerTec today

At the beginning of 2012, Karsten Brumm left the company for health reasons and transferred his shares to Reger GmbH, whose partner is the founding family of the Berliner Tagesspiegel, the Dannenberger family. This is how the Rott and Dannenberger families came to run the fortunes of the company today. Today, SorgerTec AG manages considerably more than 10,000 apartments, retail units and parking spaces in Berlin. The company has close to 70 employees and is successfully established in the local real estate markets in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Committed to tradition

Committed to tradition, SorgerTec Hausverwaltung AG has always been one step ahead of developments. It has also always been committed to its continued own modernisation. SorgerTec Hausverwaltung AG uses state-of-the-art EDP systems to carry out its services. The operational organisational process is carried out according to current management regulations. The customer is at the centre of our work, because - as in the past more than 100 years - only customer satisfaction can guarantee the continued existence of SorgerTec Hausverwaltung AG.