Liability insurance

This is a must

Private liability insurance is the most important insurance of all, because liability claims easily run into the millions. The landlord does not cover the costs of repairing the damage, for example if water runs out of your washing machine and causes major water damage. If you culpably cause damage to someone, you are legally obliged to pay compensation. Anyone who deliberately causes damage someone has to pay for it themselves. However, anyone who damages someone negligently is covered, for the most part, by private liability insurance - if such insurance has been taken out.

Household contents insurance

Why you need this

Household contents insurance protects you against the financial consequences of damage that may be caused by storm/hail, fire, tap water, burglary, robbery or vandalism to your household items. Since household items are a considerable part of your assets, you should protect your home items with household contents insurance.

In the event of damage, household contents insurance will allow you to purchase new furniture. In addition, costs incurred in connection with a claim for damages will be reimbursed by your insurer.

Household contents insurance includes all objects that are used in a household as commodities (furniture, carpets, curtains, all household appliances, etc.). Books, CDs, DVDs, records, all clothing, musical instruments and even leisure items such as surfboards, inflatable boats, camping equipment are of course also considered household items. Valuables (securities, cash, jewellery or antiques) are a special feature. Coverage has different upper limits but can often be extended via additional premiums.

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